Welcome to Terry Rich Australia!

We are an Australian swimwear brand that love the water and put the FUN in functionality. Our products aim to improve your time at the beach or pool with vibrancy and the convenience of wearing your towel!

Remember having to run around after the kids trying to get them dry or drying yourself and then using the classic towel tuck or even trying to discretely change under your towel? We do! That’s why we decided to create amazing quality, vibrant, thick towels that are wearable!

In everything we do, we aim to create products that are Fun – Vibrant – Convenient.We have had many customers so grateful to have found a thicker yet appealing wearable towel option than what is currently in the market. Here at Terry Rich, we do not compromise on quality or appearance. Why compromise when you can have both!

Our towels are made with you in mind from the very first step until the very last. Design of our products happen in Sydney, Australia at our headoffice in Marrickville. Our team like to see things from a customer’s perspective – what would you like to see – what designs would you like to wear – would you brag about your new Terry Rich product to your friends! Our towel designs are so in depth and not something we take lightly. When we design a new towel we are looking at colour combinations, thread counts, specific yarn used, the size of loops, the thickness and the finishing of the towel, all providing a towel worth making into a hooded towel or swim robe for our customers. We do not find towels that are off the shelf or print patterns on a white towel to produce our robes, our quality starts with the design and manufacture of our own towels. Once our towels are manufactured, they are then sent off to our team located in the Taishan mountains of China who cut, sew, and tag a lot of our products bringing our vision to life. We employee this team directly so we can ensure our processes are followed and its always been important for us that we support our own people and not mega factories. From here each garment is quality tested and checked by our Sydney team to make sure that the garments are at the standard we expect and a product we would wear ourselves, it’s then packed, stocked, uploaded to our website and ready to be shipped all around the world!

From humble beginnings over 15 years ago we are excited to have the opportunity to employ our team in Australia and expanding our team internationally to bring our products and vision to life.Join the new wave of wearing your towel!Because the fun doesn’t need to stop out of the water!