Swim Robes And Hooded Towels For Kids

Swim Robes And Hooded Towels For Kids

There are different names for these popular swim items… beach robes, swim robes, hooded towels, towelling robes, swim parkas are among the most popular names. Whatever you call your one, we know they are not only practical, but they can also be stylish and fun and it has been Terry Rich’s mission to be colourful, vibrant and fun!

Our Terry Rich swim robes and hooded towels act like a portable towel that can easily slip on when kids get out of the water so they stay warm and dry.

Gone are the days running after a child trying to dry them with a towel while they run and play, its as easy as slip it on, zip it up and off they go!

Swim robes and hooded towels also protect kids’ delicate skin from the sun’s potentially harmful rays and keep that chilly wind at bay later in the day at the beach or those early morning swimming lessons.

A beach robe provides a stylish solution to keep kids comfortable, warm and safe while they enjoy the beautiful beaches in summer or after swimming lessons at the local swimming centre.

Terry Rich towelling robes have been designed to come in a variety of fun and bright colours, and patterns and are great for beach days, pool trips, or a day at the lake, wherever there is water its important to have your towelling robes with you. Our robes are designed to be functional and our offering of different products which highlight the needs of the wearer, whether its a lightweight robe or a warm quality luxe hooded beach robe.

Beach robes and hooded towels are also convenient because they don’t take up much space and are easy to pack.

So, make sure to pick up a beach robe or hooded towel for your child so they can stay warm, dry and enjoy all the fun activities that come with spending time at the beach or the swimming pool! With the right beach robe or hooded towel your little one can have both style and comfort while having fun in the sun!

Learn more about our range of quality beach and swim robes on our online store.

Happy swimming!

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